Тест по ключевой лексике песни «All About That Bass»

Предлагаю вашему вниманию тест по ключевой лексике песни «All About That Bass». Первая часть урока выложена в статье «Самая популярная песня на английском языке».

Тест: Тест по ключевой лексике песни «All About That Bass»

1) He is allergic to dairy products and not _ to have cheese.
2) He _ ahead and cancelled his credit cards.
3) Do not worry _ your future.
4) Ten-year-old Lisa is _ gymnastics.
5) He made it _ so complicated.
6) Go _ and pour yourself a cup of tea!
7) Sarah _ into books and goes down to the library almost daily.
8) If you are _ the skinny jeans, we have some bad news for you! We don’t have your size!
9) Are the kids supposed _ with you?
10) He is all _ being specific. He brings his notebook everywhere he goes.
11) Try wearing this T-shirt with a pair of _ jeans!
12) It’s pretty _ to me that he hates his job.

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