Инфинитив или герундий?

Тест: Инфинитив или герундий?

1) My brother has been trying _ a new job for over a month now!

2) I like _ a part of the team.

3) Are you planning _ to college here?

4) How much time do you spend _ for classes?

5) I hate _ late.

6) We look forward _ more time with you soon!

7) You promised _ me every day!

8) Do you still believe a woman should not offer _ for anything on the first three dates?

9) Each club member has an opportunity to practice _ in a group environment.

10) I just want _ your opinion on this issue.

11) Why did you decide _ that carpet and go with the wood floors?

12) I suggest _ ahead to reserve a table at this restaurant.

13) I love _.

14) I can't stand _ jewelry.

15) Guys talk about their relationships all the time! They never stop _ about women!

16) And before you go, would you mind _ this song for us?

17) He is going to start _ his music over the Internet.

18) They love their father very much and enjoy _ time with him.

19) You are not leaving! We are going finish _ this movie together!

20) He is a poor person who pretends _ rich.

21) I would like _ you and hear what you have to say.

22) I need _ to you about this issue a little bit later.

23) So, help us _ how this could happen!

24) What are you hoping _ under your Christmas tree?

25) My son is learning _ a bike.

26) I would try to avoid _ personal information on the Internet.

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